Song & Dance Celebration

The Song and Dance Celebration is a remarkable phenomenon that has taken place in Latvia since 1873. UNESCO has recognized this unique event as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Latvian Song and Dance Celebration is an event that already for 140 years is a kind of a callout for the nation to develop and strengthen its identity. It is the biggest cultural event in Latvia.


For that reason we have created an identity with the a new dimension - involvement. Our goal was to get everyone something out form this visual communication. So we developed a generative logo allowing anyone, any cultural group or even state region to make their own sign of identity. With the help of singing, clapping or making any other noise you can generate your own logo - your own unique crown of celebration. Become a part of it:

01 DziesmuSvetki
02 DziesmuSvetki
03 DziesmuSvetki
04 DziesmuSvetki
05 DziesmuSvetki
06 DziesmuSvetki
07 DziesmuSvetki
08 DziesmuSvetki
09 DziesmuSvetki
10 DziesmuSvetki
11 DziesmuSvetki
13 DziesmuSvetki