Laima Compliments

What happens, when Latvia’s most popular chocolate manufacturer asks the country’s four top chefs to create a special chocolate? Their inspiration - Women! This resulted in the creation of a 
unique selection of chocolate that required unique packaging as well.


This was a no brainer. People love compliments! Chefs appear in dazzling white hats and crisp, elegant attire and express their feelings thru food all the time, hence Compliments! We thought a lot about forms, effects and textures in order to produce perfectly elegant packaging.


The Jury of the International Packaging Contest, Obal Roku 2012, held in the Czech Republic liked our Compliments so much that they awarded it a prize in the food category. Compliments was also nominated for the prize of sympathies among the six top entrants.

01 Compliments
02 Compliments
03 Compliments
04 Compliments
05 Compliments
06 Compliments
07 Compliments
08 Compliments